Building and Architectural Design

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Drone x BIM provides building and architectural design services using the most advanced technological

tools available on the market, in line with Green Building criteria.

Environmental issues, which are increasingly urgent today, have become central in the field of construction in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Green Building: Energy Savings and Energy Certifications (APE)

The Drone x BIM team consists of young engineers and architects who continuously update their knowledge and are highly sensitive to green building characteristics, energy sustainability, and technological innovation. Through in-depth analysis, we identify the main causes of energy waste and environmental discomfort, guaranteeing suitable solutions, since these topics are given increasing importance in bidding processes.

APE (formerly known as ACE before Decree 63/2013) is an Italian document that describes the energy characteristics of a building or residence. It is a control tool that synthesizes the energy performance of buildings on a scale from A to G.

Apart from being mandatory at the time of purchasing or renting a property, the APE is also useful for providing information about energy consumption and increasing the value of highly energy-efficient buildings.

Drone x BIM prepares APE, AQE, technical reports, and calculations in accordance with the current law, ensuring speed, availability, and maximum accuracy during inspections. Apart from that, Drone x BIM also handle prints for the client and immediate submission via certified email to regional offices.

Through in-depth analysis we identify the main causes of energy waste and environmental discomfort, guaranteeing suitable solutions.



Our Services in Building/Architectural Design

  • Renovations
  • Seismic Design and Structural Calculations
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Design for New Construction
  • Retrofitting of Existing Structures
  • Structural Calculations Using Up-to-Date Software in Compliance with Regulations
  • Geotechnical Soil Analysis and Seismic Design
  • Assistance in identifying the most interesting tenders for businesses
  • Study of the tender, specification, and attachments
  • Booking/Preparation of site visits
  • Preparation of technical and economic proposals
  • Market research to assess cost competitiveness
  • Preparation and completion of all administrative documentation
  • BIM software-based design for tenders that require this technology
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