About us

Drone X BIM srl was born from the idea of three civil engineers-architects who decided to combine their skills and experiences in order to offer comprehensive services in the field of surveying and engineering design, with a design approach that considers the principles of smart working, bio-architecture, sustainability, and energy sustainability.
The main idea is to provide a multidisciplinary approach to design and problem-solving in order to best meet the needs and requirements of the client. This is achieved through constant updating and commitment with the aim of achieving high-quality standards in the current scenario.

Every good design originates from a complete, precise, and objective survey. That’s why DXB employs the most modern and effective surveying and digitising methodologies, which offer significant advantages in terms of speed, precision, and non-invasiveness.
Thanks to the expertise of the founding partners and external professional collaborators, the firm stands out in the market by offering the use of BIM methodologies and parametric techniques for both architectural and structural design,as well as for mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, and electrical system modelling; This ensures perfectly coordinated design with the highest quality standards, in line with the regulatory developments in European-level design.

Furthermore, DXB is committed to developing processes for the automatic digitization of surveys in a BIM environment, serving as a foundation for the development of new projects.



Engineer – founder

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, is registered in the Engineers’ Association, and has participated in significant survey campaigns at UNESCO heritage sites in collaboration with CNR, using state-of-the-art technologies and publishing the results in articles in important scientific journals. Has experience as a BIM designer in the field of integrated engineering, primarily in the design of electrical, water, fire protection, data centre, and civil works systems. Has the capacity to oversee the entire design process, from surveying to the preparation of graphic documents, schedules, and quantity surveys, with the aim of integrating 3D survey data into the BIM environment as a basis for coordinated design.


Engineer – founder

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, is registered in the Engineers’ Association, and has extensive experience in managing national and international tender processes, both from an administrative and technical-economic proposal preparation perspective. Leads technical committees related to design and economic estimation, overseeing construction phases and holding roles as CSP/CSE and RSPP, with specific certifications.
Throughout his career, has also developed skills in BIM design, understanding the importance of adopting this tool for process control: from design to economic estimation and from creating the schedule to managing the construction site.


Engineer – founder

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, is registered in the Engineers’ Association, and has a specialization in architectural and construction design, as well as site management in the residential sector, essential abilities to overseeing the entire construction process. In particular, plays a coordinating role between clients and technical teams, managing on-site activities, material orders, and design accountancy. Also handles building energy analysis, including thermographic analysis By analysing issues first from a design perspective and then directly on-site with labourers, has developed specific criteria for preparing graphic documents to ensure alignment between designs and implementations.

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